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Salina Red Wine: made from grapes grown espalier and vinified in the traditional way. It goes well with game, cheese and red meat.

Salina White Wine: made from the best grapes in the mouth White is fresh on the palate with vellulati hints. It provides the sense of smell as a floral bouquet that confirms a lingering aftertaste. thanks to delicate acidity is indicated for the first dishes based on fish and shellfish. It is tasted at a temperature of 10/12 °.


Salina red wine
Salina white wine
Malvasia delle Lipari
Grappa di malvasia delle Lipari
Walnut pesto
Salsa Eoliana
Cream of tomatoes
Caponata eoliana
extra virgin olive oil
Pesto capers
Cocunci di Salina seasoned
Salt flavored with salty capers

Gradation : 13 % Vol.
Vineyard : Grown at 100 m. from the sea level
Grapes : Nerello Mascarese, Nerello Cappuccio
Cultivation :Espalier, collected by hand into crates
Winemaking : With maceration in plastic tubs at room temperature
Color :Ruby red
Smell :Lingering scent of fresh fruit
Flavour :Full-bodied, the palate offers notes of red fruits apothecaries
Pairings :Red meat, goes perfectly with cheese
Temperature :18°

Gradation : 12,5 % Vol.
Origin : IGT Salina
Grapes : Cataratto Inzolia
Cultivation :Espalier, collected by hand into crates
Color :Yellow with green highlights
Smell :Very intense, persistent, fine, floral and fruity
Flavour :Dry, too soft, fruity, medium-bodied
Pairings : Fish, shellfish, white meat
Temperature :8-10°
Advices :Uncork at the moment

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