Extra virgin olive oil

A good production of extra virgin olive oil with twenty thousand acres and olive trees in a nicer area and impervious to salt in the town of Leni behind Pollara called "Praiola" or "Punta Valley Thorn". There there are many other products that you can purchase online by visiting the store malvasiadellelipari.com


Salina red wine
Salina white wine
Malvasia delle Lipari
Grappa di malvasia delle Lipari
Walnut pesto
Salsa Eoliana
Cream of tomatoes
Caponata eoliana
extra virgin olive oil
Pesto capers
Cocunci di Salina seasoned
Salt flavored with salty capers

Name: Extra virgin olive oil Salina
Location of olive groves: Isola di Salina Comune di Malfa e Leni
Elevation of olive groves: 100 m.s.l.m.
Period of harvesting: October/November
Method of harvesting: Traditional Handmade
Method of pressing: Traditional cold
Average acidity: 0,2% - 0,3% - circa
Colour of the oil: green golden
Aroma oil: Fruity very delicate
Type of packaging available: 0,25 lt - 0,50 lt - 5 lt

Call us: +39 090 9844048

Azienda Agricola Gaetano Marchetta
Via Umberto I° n.9 98050 Malfa (Me)
Phone 090 9844048
Fax 090 9844048
Email gaetano@vinidisalina.it

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