La Malvasia

It should be served at room temperature. It is made from grapes grown in vineyards Malfa Salina in the Aeolian Islands. The processing is done carefully according to ancient traditions.
Grappa Azienda Agricola Gaetano Marchetta is obtained from the marc Malvasia delle Lipari that enhance the smooth taste and the delicate perfume.


Salina red wine
Salina white wine
Malvasia delle Lipari
Grappa di malvasia delle Lipari
Walnut pesto
Salsa Eoliana
Cream of tomatoes
Caponata eoliana
extra virgin olive oil
Pesto capers
Cocunci di Salina seasoned
Salt flavored with salty capers

Gradation : 12,5 % Vol.
Origin : D.O.C. Salina
Grapes : 95% Malvasia delle Lipari 5% Corinto nero
Cultivation : Malvasia delle Lipari is produced following the ancient system of drying the grapes on racks in the sun Salina
Color :Yellow with amber highlights
Smell :Very intense, persistent, fine, floral and fruity
Flavor :delicately sweet
pairings :Excellent dessert wine goes well with dried sweet almond sweets or characteristic of Salina (sesamini)
Temperature :16°

Gradation : 15 % Vol.
Origin : IGT Salina
Grapes : Malvasia di Salina
Cultivation : The grapes are left to dry on the vines, where it takes a delicate and sweet taste.
Color: Yellow gold
Flavor : Amabile dolce
Serve with: Dessert wine, tasty with dry desserts of Salina (sesamini)
Advices: Uncork at the moment
Temperature: 10° - 12°

Gradation : 42 % Vol.
Origin : IGT Salina
Grapes : Cataratto Inzolia
Cultivation : It is obtained with the skins grown in the hot sun on the island of Salina, which is distilled in pot stills discontinuous bain-marie. It 'a fine brandy, aromatic, and slightly aromatic with pleasant and light feeling the smell of dry hay and honey.
Color: It is colorless.
Flavor :It captures the flavors and intense aromas of Malvasia that give rise to a distillate soft and delicate.
Temperature: 10° - 12°

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