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Salina is the most fertile island of the Aeolian islands and rich in water, are grown quality grapes from which it...

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The tradition handed down, continue with the intention of always produce good wine and excellent Malvasia....

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Welcome to the online shop of Malvasia delle Lipari, browsed products, buy online using....

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Grape Harvest 2010

As every year in Salina renews the appointment with the known harvest! This is a representation of the 'Azienda Agricola Gaetano Marchetta. His wines are renowned far and wide. His Malvasia is the spearhead of the company if not the whole island of Salina. That, as the last awards, (but not unique) won the gold medal at the CERVIM. If you want to enjoy one of its magnificent delights you can go directly to visit the winery, which is located in Malfa (Salina Island) in Via Umberto I n ° 9

Call us: +39 090 9844048

Azienda Agricola Gaetano Marchetta
Via Umberto I° n.9 98050 Malfa (Me)
Phone 090 9844048
Fax 090 9844048
Email gaetano@vinidisalina.it
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